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Boundaries in Physical Intimacy

Boundaries in physical intimacy can be blurry and sometimes it can go unexpressed particularly if communication does not feel open.

If the body and mind are in dissonance, it builds a split response within issuing a confusing state of “what are my needs and desires?”, in contrast, to “Am I meeting my partner’s desires by crossing my own?”

Are you able to express your needs?

Are you able to honour your Yes?

Can you communicate your No without fear?

Pre-coital Protecting herself from opening to anyone, this was a safe space of being with the opposite sex: doing cool and unusual things. At the same time, there was no danger of getting hurt as they all were unavailable and too close-hearted to engage emotionally. Only the sense of physicality remained: the well-embedded feel of how the body reacted to a substance and another body without any thought of moral dilemma.

Freedom was being exploited as it was never lived to the fullest before.


Delving into the mere physicality of sex, her heart sadly shone with these realisations:

Constantly allowing that dominating aspect to strain through the pores of physical contact is an attachment to what it should look like. Was she attached to how Man should be?


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