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The Tug of Love

Photo by cottonbro

Welcome to this series of different flavours of expression over unrequited love. Love comes and goes in through distinct phases of life, leaving one with a sense of bitterness about the present moment.

Lack of communication of needs leads to misunderstandings. Expectations lead to disappointment. When they blend together, the concept of condition love turns into hardship. Distance is favoured over connection.


I do not want to go back to this constant tug of love and war where sometimes you love me more and I love you more but somehow we foolishly keep squabbling about how to weigh our love in actions and in simple gestures of kindness.

Does it matter in the grand scheme of things in this realm of physical who has indulged more in the immoral behavioural patterns?

Unfortunately, this ridiculous world pre-conceptualised on creating boundaries so that we can all fit into our designated cubicles with a specific function.

They always and never cease to say that Love is blind but not only that, it cripples you to an extent where the vision of yourself gets fogged up with one of your partner and no one minds. That is because in this mist, lies a happy bubble of “things”: these are characteristics of what society uses to coerce us with. Freedom of being yourself unapologetically, sex, smiling for no reason, expressing yourself in ways that no one else would dare to understand.

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