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About Us


We help people feeling lost with their health or lonely find friendship and support in their community.

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Community Bridges is a non-profit organisation building positive communities that nurture health and wellbeing. Signposting and storytelling on our website, podcast and social channels help our community check in quickly and regularly with their wellbeing and take care of themselves.

Did you know?

1/3 people found that reading our content improved their wellbeing. 

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Everyone experiences challenges with their health and wellbeing, and it can be hard to fit self-care into your day.

Living with a health condition is common: 30% of the UK population live with one or more.

So is living without sufficient meaningful connection: 45% of adults feel lonely sometimes or often in England. 

Loneliness and disconnection both cause and worsen health conditions. Disconnected communities cost £32 billion every year

GP's can not solve loneliness and disconnection. The community we live in and the behaviours we engage with every day can.  

We must develop supportive environments and connected communities, so everyone has the tools to work towards better health. 

We are London's first non-profit community and voluntary sector platform – mapping organisations and bringing you the health stories, tips and services you need to care for yourself. 

The more articles people read the more they were likely to try out local activities and notice an improvement in their health. 

This doesn't need to be scary, in fact, it is simple. 

You can start your journey by tuning into our podcast, signing up for our newsletter or reading our blog.

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How is Community Bridges improving health and wellbeing in South London?

Our first full evaluation is complete and we are proud to say that 88% of respondents felt we had helped them with their wellbeing.

Findings show that we are positively impacting our beneficiaries health and wellbeing.

We are helping people get to know their community, try new activities and events and feel more engaged in their health.

This is a non-invasive, low-input continuous intervention which is having measurable effects on peoples health and wellbeing. Just by them spending a few minutes every week reading positive community stories and finding out what's going on our audience are reporting improvements in heir health and wellbeing.

Emergency services

We want to help you build your health and wellbeing with your community, this is usually more effective for people who are not in crisis. If you are in need of immediate mental health support please call:

Samaritans: 116 123


Emergency services: 999


Find your local NHS mental health crisis number:

If you are feeling low or anxious and want to speak to someone contact:

The Calm Zone: 5pm-midnight:

0800 58 58 58 or webchat on their website:


Local IAPT services:

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