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Community Bridges C.I.C

We find local (virtual) events and activities in South East London, share people's news and stories and connect people to there community. We believe in the community to help build individuals health and wellbeing and we want you to get involved and help us grow a better, more accessible future.


Season 4


Eltham Arts | CB Podcast

Geoff speaks to Shermaine and Pragya from @ElthamArts who are banishing loneliness by helping people find connection no matter their age.

We will be hearing more about Creating Connections from Shermaine and Pragya today and each month as we spotlight the stories that were created.

Tune in, relax and listen to your community.

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Ryan | Levitate

Season 4 | Episode 3 Geoff speaks to Ryan Nell founder of @LevitateLondon on our latest podcast episode.⁠ ⁠ Levitate have been kind enough to donate meditations for our community to access through the podcast. We are excited to have Ryan on this week to learn more about Levitate and his journey to mindfulness. Tune in, relax and listen to your community. Listen to the end to follow a guided meditation. Fill in our evaluation to help us understand our impact: https://form.typeform.com/to/DJwQrwi3


Ivo Gormley - GoodGym

Today Geoff is joined by Ivo Gormley, founder, and director of GoodGym. GoodGym helps volunteers keep active and motivated by running, cycling, or walking to vulnerable people and nonprofits to help out. Tune in to hear about another great, free activity you can get involved with and finish off with a guided meditation from Ryan at Levitate.

To find out more about Good Gym visit their website



easyGym Camberwell | Community Bridges

Season 4 | Episode 1 Welcome the new season of the Community Bridges Podcast! Today Geoff is speaking to Hemal from easyGym Camberwell about keeping fit at home, being a fitness business in a pandemic and how we can support our health together.

Ryan from Levitate joins us for a 10-minute guided meditation to help you keep healthy at home. Check out @Get Fit Camberwell on Facebook NHS workers watch @easyGymCamberwell for their free fitness app coming soon

To hear more from Levitate visit www.levitate.london


Season 3


CB Spotlight | Final episode

Season 3 | Episode 8 Join us for the final episode of the Community Spotlights Series. Today, Geoff will be speaking to Community Bridges founder Sandra about putting the season together, favorite moments and 2021 plans for CB.

Listen to a fun final episode where we will look back on the previous 7 episodes of The CB Spotlight Series.

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CB Spotlight | Citizens southwark | Settle Our Status Campaign

Season 3 | Episode 7 Join us for the seventh episode of the Community Spotlights Series. Today, Geoff will be speaking to community organiser Claire from Citizens Southwark who support member organisation to develop leader who can hold decision-makers to account. Abieyuwa and Elsie are part of Citizens UK project Parents and Communities Together (PACT) who have lead the Settle Our Status campaign https://www.citizensuk.org/settled-status-letter

Join us for conversations about community activism, creating change and the realities of what living without a status in the UK are.

To find out more visit:

https://www.pact-citizens.org/ Facebook: @PACTSouthwark Insta: pact_southwark Twitter: @SouthwarkCitz


CB Spotlight | Ldn Dares

Season 3 | Episode 6 Join us for the sixth episode of our new Community Spotlights Series. Today, Geoff will be speaking to founder Ursula and client Michelle from Ldn Dares Drama Co. who help people learn confidence in their own skin, self-compassion and nurture a positive body image through the use of drama and dares. Join us for conversations about body image, transgender news from @WhatTheTrans and health. To find out more visit:


Facebook @LdnDares.co.uk

Instagram: @LdnDares


CB Spotlight | Self Management UK

Self Management UK Season 3 | Episode 5 Join us for the fifth episode of our new Community Spotlights Series. Today, Geoff will be speaking to CEO Ian Silver and tutors Chloe & Zev from Self management UK - a charity helping people learn knowledge, skills and confidence to improve wellbeing. All courses are taught by ex-students, so there is a real focus on sharing lived experience for support. Join us for conversations about long-term health management, connection and supporting young people. To find out more visit: https://www.selfmanagementuk.org/ or on Facebook @selfmanagementuk


CB Spotlight | Aspire Wellbeing

Aspire Wellbeing

Season 3 | Episode 4

Join us for the fourth episode of our new Community Spotlights Series, where Geoff is speaking to Keith and Sean from Aspire Wellbeing. Aspire Wellbeing is a social enterprise that helps people with physical, sensory or learning disabilities to regain and maintain their health and wellbeing.

Join us for discussion around social care funding, community connection and thinking smart in providing sustainable services.

If you think this is something that could help your or a neighbour get in contact:


Aspire Wellbeing, 1 Park Hall Road West Dulwich, London SE21 8EH 020 8265 3479 health@aspirewellbeing.org


CB Spotlight | CSCH

Season 3 | Episode 3 Join us for the third episode of our new Community Spotlights Series, where Geoff is speaking to Felicia and Shakira from Central Southwark Community Hub. CSCH is a foodbank that helps people address the reasons behind their food poverty, we talk about community, what needs to change and what gets you through.

If you want to find out more about CSCH visit their website: www.cschub.co.uk or Facebook: @centralsouthwarkch


CB Spotlight | The Green, Ivy Club

Join us for the second episode of our new Community Spotlights Series, Sandra and Geoff are at the Ivy Club at The Green speaking with co-manager Ian and guest Rosaline. We will be talking about local community for older adults today. If you want to find out about the Ivy Club and The Green’s other activities visit their website: http://www.thegreennunhead.org If you like the sound of Rosaline’s radio show Meet on the Radio on Resonance FM - 104.4FM on Tuesday 11.30 am



CB Spotlight | Feed me Good

Season 3 | Episode 1 Join us for the first episode of our new Community Spotlights Series, our host Geoff will be talking to Feed me Good founder Nureen and Tarina, a student of Feed me Good.

Nutrition and public health are on the agenda today. We will be discussing how nutrition can be tailored to the cultures and identities of BAME communities. We will also be talking about simple tips you can incorporate into your diet to be more sustainable, healthier and empowered. Find out more about Feed me Good on Insta & FB: @FeedmeGood on their website www.FeedmeGood.com Hear more stories from your community on our Insta: @Comm_Bridges FB: @CommunityBridgesCIC and blog https://communitybridges.co.uk/magazine/


Season 2


Community Bridges | Sandra Evans

This episode you should hear a familiar voice. Sandra Evans, Community Bridges founder is here to tell us a little more about the journey so far, how things have been going and what other big planes we have lined up. We would like to apologies for the" technical issues" we have faced creating this podcast, we have learnt a lot and plan to revamp the show and make it even more enjoyable and fun, We look forward to any feedback you would like to give, you can find us on Instagram to leave a comment or contact us directly at Info@communitybridges.co.uk Thanks again for your support. Enjoy the show.


Why does Kit Esuruoso take to the Stage?

Welcome back to Episode 3 of Season 2.

This season is all about the performing arts and the benefits on community and well-being. We will be diving into the world of performing and the impact in can have on community and personal well-being. This week we have Kit Esuruoso, who is telling us all about his experience in musical theatre, the Tina Turner Musical and what community means to him. You can find out more at... @KitEsuruoso F /kit.esuruoso


Liar Liar and the music community

Welcome back to Episode 2 of Season 2. this who season is about the performing arts and the benefits on community and well-being. We will be diving into the world of performing arts and the impact in can have on community and personal well-being. This week we have Darcy and Ben from Liar Liar, they are here to talk to us about the benefits of music and the life of a band member. You can find out more at...

@liarliarmusic (Instagram) /liarliarmusic (Facebook) @liarliarbanduk (Twitter).

or listen and watch the Music video for YOUNG https://youtu.be/cse74LBoWVE (Ref in podcast - bandmix.co.uk)


Acting and wellbeing with Ruggero Dalla Santa

Welcome back to season 2 of the community Bridges PodCast. This season we will be diving into the world of performing arts and the impact in can have on communitys and personal wellbeing. This week we have with Ruggero Dalla Santa, an amazing guest with an an amazing story. http://www.ruggerodallasanta.co.uk/ https://www.onefootinthedoor.co.uk/ Personal YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ShiversAboveMadness One Foot in the Door Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ruggerodallasanta

Facebook: @RuggeroDallaSanta @OneFootInTheDoor

Instagram: @RuggeroDallaSanta

Twitter: @rdallasanta

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4819712/

This season, Community Bridges is working with Lume music booking agency to bring you some fantastic guests for an inside scoop of the industry and its role within our community.


Season 1


Community Bridges & Clair Sheppard- Nunhead Knocks

Today Geoff is joining us from behind the scene to interview Claire Sheppard, founder of Nunhead Knocks. Join us as we talk about humble beginnings, community cohesion and plans for the future. Follow Nunhead Knocks on Instagram and Facebook @NunheadKNocks or visit their website www.nunheadknocks.com to find out how you can be supported, and/or offer support, to your neighbours.

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Community Bridges & Natanya (#GetCreativeAtHome) & Fran (#MyWishDish)

We are speaking to Natanya Mark from Voluntary Arts England about the #GetCreativeAtHome campaign, and Fran Forcolini from Art4Space who is leading on the #MyWishDish project. Things you might want to look into more: #CreativeNetwork: Daily (Mon-Fri) zoom meeting 9:30am - 10:30am for people in arts, culture and creativity with guest speakers updated weekly. https://www.voluntaryarts.org/creativenetwork Creativity and Inclusion network: A peer-support network for anyone involved in participatory arts across London. Zoom meeting every other Thursday 12.30 - 1.30 pm. Email natanya@vaengland.org.uk. Visit Get Creative UK: https://getcreativeuk.com/activities/CPZQHhjkcV01pQaZUpti Visit Art4Space: http://www.art4space.co.uk/my-wish-dish/ Corona quilt project: www.coronaquilt.org/


Community Bridges & Mockingbird Makes

Today we are talking to local maker, Shannon Reed, who you might know as Mockingbird Makes. Join us as we talk crocheted unicorns, mental health and connecting to creativity.

Shannon is celebrating key workers with crochet rainbows - both by making them to order and a FREE template on her website.

Follow Shannon on Instagram @mockingbird_makes and Facebook @mockingbirdmakes.

Visit her website: https://mockingbirdmakes.business.site

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Community Bridges & Rich Kightley of K-Inks Peckham

Today we are speaking with Rich Kightley from K-Ink tattoo studio in Peckham.

Tune in to hear us chat about all things Peckham, first tattoos, starting a business and self-isolation.

Follow K-Ink Peckham on Instagram @KinkPeckham and visit their website


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Community Bridges & Hebe Richardson

We are speaking to Hebe Richardson, Peckham-based nutritionist, about mental health and nutrition during self-isolation. Follow Hebe on Instagram @Hebevalient and Twitter @hebe_rich Follow us on Instagram @Comm_Bridges and Facebook @CommunityBridgesCIC


British Dietetic Association page on coronavirus - https://www.bda.uk.com/resource/covid-19-corona-virus-advice-for-the-general-public.html NHS website - https://www.nhs.uk/ British Nutrition Foundation - https://www.nutrition.org.uk Association for Nutrition register of registered nutritionists - http://www.associationfornutrition.org/Default.aspx?tabid=92


Community Bridges & The Mind and Soul Choir

Join us with Nicola from the Mind & Soul choir to chat about singing, mental health and reinventing choir practice during self-isolation through a podcast. Mind & Soul choir is a group singing project to support positive mental health, and bring a bit of joy to your week. To find out more about the Mind & Soul choir and their new podcast visit www.mindandsoulchoir.org Nicola is looking for more song ideas for her podcast, let her know your requests by email nicolakeepsonsinging@gmail.com Subscribe to Community Bridges Podcast here to make sure you never miss an episode, follow us on: Instagram @comm_bridges Facebook @CommunityBridgesCIC