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Digital Love

The world of love is somehow equated to how one fairs in the realm of dating: a quick fix to feel the burnout of love. Does it “work”? Yes for some and others loathe it. In between these two spectrums are those who question where to lie and what to believe in, constantly dipping toes in and out of it: experimenting and seeing where it takes them. Let’s find out…

We meet, become friends,..then digital friends.

Correlative ignorance ensues,..hours turn into days

A ping opens a can of worms and words,...light banter to cheeky flaunts

Time goes by...

Greetings become an emotional dumping ground, old wounds open and are left to bleed

An attempt to stitch and band-aid them again,...A fresh plaster is always nice to see on

But within, is it healing anything, at all?

Newness is always fresh,..always welcomed, running from the past

Going to new places together,..talks about beliefs, aspirations, heartbreaks


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