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What is “Natural Meditation” and why its body-first approach does wonders.

By Alison B

Maybe the best way to explain what Natural meditation is, would be to start with what it isn’t?

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash
Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

It isn’t like any other meditation. It isn’t based in religion or anything to do with spirituality, and doesn’t impose anything like a mantra or a type of technique from the outside, which is a head-first / thought-based approach. That is, using thought from our heads to guide the meditation.

I GUESS YOU COULD SAY …Natural meditation is all about letting the body do what it does naturally, from the inside out, letting nature do its thing, letting what comes out from the body guide meditation. It’s about getting out of our own way, and letting the body get on with what it does best, and what your unique body alone can only do. It’s about you and from you. Your own exploration, from within you. It’s a body-first approach that goes deeper, beyond the places where thinking gets stuck.

It taps into that power we all have inside, in our flesh, and bones and every single cell in the body. It is the power of nature and we have that force within us, because we are nature. It’s a healing force that operates automatically.

The body wants to heal and without interference, it gets to. The healing starts immediately. The body-first approach gives free rein to the healing process entirely. Giving into the superior intelligence of nature, we can relax because we don’t need to help, or guide, or control, or force anything - just allow.

It’s about reconnecting you to your natural state that is already there operating within you, and letting nature take over.

Why a body-first approach does wonders.

The body-first approach does wonders because the body is far more intelligent than thought is. Thought can’t heal, only the body can do that.

You might be thinking, “But wait, doesn’t the body just do that all the time anyway?” And the answer of course, is, yes. We have all watched a cut heal or a bruise fade without any help from us.

Think about that for a minute, when we cut ourselves, we don’t have to go into a trance and try to guide the cut to heal, or tell it over and over to heal. Sounds silly when it’s put like that right? In the same way, ALL healing of the body happens spontaneously. It has no mechanism not to.

Mostly though, especially when it comes to our mental health and problems in life, we let our thinking take the reins and so a huge part of our sensory and healing abilities are slowed down or shut off completely and we don’t even realise it.

Thought is shallow and always has bias. So, if the process of healing requires us to feel things that thought has decided are too uncomfortable, or scary, or boring, or ugly, then you will simple never be able to heal the things that are in need of healing, or face the things that need facing in daily life... but the body just responds to what is.

Mechanical thought, of course is always necessary but being able to navigate life from your own individual felt sense is a completely different experience, and has inbuilt benefits.

With body-first natural meditation, our awareness and senses are heightened and intelligence is increased, allowing the body to guide us through all aspects of everyday life from a real and solid feeling inside. This happens in a unique way for each person depending on the stimulus each person has in their life, and it happens dynamically, moment by moment.

The body’s intelligence has no bias and knows exactly how to heal and exactly what is needed, including what needs healing first.

Natural meditation. It’s a way for you to find and tap into your own power.

If I told you that this approach will enable you to always know what is right for you. To live truly independently, to be able to take care of all our own needs, would you believe me? That through this approach, you will automatically discover an interest in yourself, and an appreciation of the body and a desire to care for your body, will thought let you believe me? Or do you feel an interest from the sense of yourself in the body towards this approach, does it resonate and feel true? Do you have the desire to dive deeper?

What I have written here you may read with interest and a desire to investigate further, and I truly hope you do because when you live the experience, then the understanding will all be yours, you will have lived it. Discovered from you and by you (in your body, not just recognised by thought), it will be your unique experience. Until then, these are just words on a screen, just more entertainment for thought.

The world is changing rapidly and we need a way to be able to keep up. Natural Meditation is the perfect tool for that.

For the time that we are alive, we always have that natural healing force within us. It would be tragic for us individually and collectively to not be able to fully tap into that.

If you do want to dive deeper into this topic, you might enjoy listening to the Letting the Body Guide You, Active Meditation in the Feeling chapter that Matt Zoltan has recorded in the Undo app.



If you’d like to know more about this approach to meditation tap on the links below.

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1 Comment

Aug 18, 2022

Wow…… I never heard about this approach and it feels so natural. I’m using the app for couple of months and it is working.Life changing

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