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We help you scale your business so you can realise your social mission. We work across all aspects of social mission and can help you optimise your approach.

Capacity-building | Data-driven service design| Team resilience 

We help individuals and organisations increase their skill set and resource list to grow their capacity to enact positive change in the world.   We collaborate with individuals, non-profits and businesses to develop social impact strategies, team and individual resilience and evaluation to more effectively deliver your social mission. We have a track record of helping organisations large and small to increase credibility and expertise to access larger funding pots, attract new volunteers or staff members, win larger contracts, grow and diversify audience.

Setting-up social business

When starting a social business there are some different aspects to consider, whether your organisation will be a company limited by shares or guarantee, whether it will be mission locked, how to word your mission in your articles of association to ensure it can evolve with the business. We can help you work out which way is best for your business model and support you with completing the documentation.


Depending on what you want to achieve, how and in what time frame – we can support you to work strategically, by identifying partners in our network who can support your mission, developing a business plan to ensure the different activities are logically joined to achieve your mission. We use digital media, marketing, behaviour change theory and data-driven service design to work with you to develop a strategy that achieves outcomes. So you can show your team, beneficiaries and funders that you are enacting measurable change. 



Collect, analyse and present data to assess your approach, build credibility and be heard by decision-makers.

We are independent, credible evaluators and can help you identify key lessons, areas for improvements, best-practice and make recommendations that can grow and improve your business or service. We collaborate with you and your team to ensure the evaluation is appropriate for the organisation and its mission, so you can be confident the evaluation is tailored to your needs and capacity. Evaluation is integral to any organisation that is trying to impact change, this can help you prove to funders, beneficiaries and decision-makers the credibility and necessity of your service and/or organisation.

We are experts in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, so you can really get under the issues by listening to everyone’s voices. We interpret findings independently and plan creative dissemination of findings in collaboration with your team: infographics, reports, presentations and digital media – depending on your audience and your objectives. 

Theory of Change 

Theory of Change is a way of understanding and demonstrating how the core components of your organisation and/or service relate to your overall mission and vision. It helps you define the key logical steps that link core components, to the measurable outcomes and how those feed into the overall mission. This can help you communicate your approach better, and support evaluation and planning.

Research and narrative development 

We conduct academic and grey literature reviews to develop narratives that link your mission and theory of change with current, credible evidence. Compelling narratives can help you develop strong academic publications, value propositions and elevator pitches so you can make the most of every opportunity to communicate the impact your organisation makes.

Monitoring and training

We give you the skills to easily and continuously monitor your services by training key staff members in propriate data collection and analysis techniques which can easily fit around your current activities, helping you ensure data-driven service design is embedded in your organisation without overburdening your work load.


Leadership & Personal Development coaching

We engage you in thought-provoking workshops to clarify your vision, develop your leadership skills and strategy to achieve your professional and personal goals with confidence and resilience.

We help individuals and leaders achieve their personal and professional goals – and get greater life satisfaction – through tailored coaching programmes.

By engaging in a creative thought-provoking process, we help you clarify your vision, values and purpose, and what success actually looks like for you, so you can formulate a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals. Leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence, career/life planning and change management are examples of skills clients develop through coaching expertise.

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