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By guest writers Shelene and Daniel

Summer may have come and gone in the blink of an eye, but autumn is officially here, according to the Northern hemisphere calendar, to introduce two bright Peckham souls Shelene and Daniel. They have been friends for many years and recently joined forces to collaborate and deliver a 2-day event under the Southwark Council initiative #PECKHAMISOPEN to shine a light on ways to improve our health and wellbeing. The event is called W.E.L.L.Being and is an acronym for Wholistically Enriching Local Lives.

“We were looking for a way to give back to our community in a beneficial way and we saw this as an ideal opportunity to bring together local businesses with the local community. The objective of our event is to encourage footfall to Peckham Rye Lane businesses, whilst simultaneously bringing awareness to the locals of how to improve their well being by utilising locally found services and products”.

The event theme will be centred on personal and community wellbeing in regard to mind, body and spirit. We will provide an interactive platform that will feature a variety of talks, workshops and activities that cover topics such as mental and financial wellbeing; alternative diets and exercise; along with holistic therapies that include music, dance and art therapy.

The program of activities will comprise:

  • A holistic cuisine trail of Rye lane;

  • Free exercise sessions (capoeira, yoga, etc).

  • Live food demo’s - natural juices, vegan dishes

  • Talks on the different type of diets, healthy alternatives to high-fat and fried foods, healthy cooking on a budget

  • Workshops - Vision boards, textiles, financial wellbeing and more

  • Cooking competition (Ages 16 – 21 eligible to enter)

This event will be an ideal introduction to those who have always been curious about the businesses on Rye Lane but haven’t had the time to explore for themselves. With many retailers concealed in shopping arcades, buildings or side roads, it’s easy to miss out on the array of products and services available on Rye Lane. Like where to treat yourself to a fresh coconut water or the best place to get your 3 for £1 sweet ripe plantain. All will be revealed as this event will be able to provide easy access to independent retailers all in one convenient spot.

Daniel and Shelene are especially interested to hear from local businesses/ organisations that feel they have something to contribute to this event and can be reached via their social media platforms Instagram, Twitter & Facebook @wellbeingSE15 or alternatively email and phone.

For those who want to be involved please enquire directly to them. Local entrepreneurs or SE15 businesses that would like to have a stall will be eligible for a discount up until 15th October 2019. They have specific interest in local vendors with products that are aligned to their event theme i.e. holistic, eco-friendly, handmade, healthy natural products or anything that can enhance a person’s physical health or well being.

Their aim is to become the purveyors of making Peckham the health and wellbeing district of Southwark and eventually the whole of Southwark so let’s get out there and support them in their vision after all people make Peckham, not the other way around. Let’s help #keepthepoundinPeckham!


Phone: 07944 636 380


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