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Trying - an exhibition of art

This month, Holdrons Arcade is hosting a free art exhibition of an artist who is trying to just be herself.

Trying is an exhibition of collages, photos, paintings and drawings of words, deities, cats and mirrors.

Having worked in arts education for over 20 years Anna has wavered between three states:

  1. Feeling that all her own creative practice has been obliterated and all the remains is the occasional craft outburst.

  2. Deciding that the teaching itself is a creative practice (it’s just that she gives all her ideas to teenagers to do badly).

  3. Occasionally managing to do a little drawing and feeling utterly fulfilled and wondering why she didn't do it before, or more.

Having now moved more into adult arts education management and away from the classroom, as well as recently completing an MA in Arts and Learning at Goldsmith University, Anna now finds that in fact all 3 are coexistent in her practice.

Anna’s current use of text and decoration through traditional sign writing and illustration explores the material nature of thinking and “working out”, alongside the much maligned value of making something nice to look at.

Visit Anna’s exhibition in Peckham to see how her inner world translates into her art, and get inspired to try.


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