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The importance of Employabilty from a Black Female HR Director

Feed Me Good is a BAME lead organisation that feeds you the knowledge and life skills, it operates in the Health and Wellbeing industry with a holistic approach. When Feed Me Good first started operating it was all about food and nutrition, teaching communities the importance of healthy eating, and how best they could do this on a budget. Delivering our services in deprived boroughs in the UK where poverty and unemployment were high. Due to this we really felt the need to expand our services to include supporting people to gain employment.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that our new course “How to be Employable” is now accredited with Continuous Professional Development (CPD). As an HR Director with 10 years of experience in the HR industry, I have experienced first-hand how competitive the market is. “I never forget in my first year of being an HR Officer I was presented with a Finance post to fill, to my surprise I had 300 applications to organise which needed to be shortlisted, the shortlist was down to 7 candidates with only 1 job available. Now if that’s not competition what is?”

However in practice, the competition is not always so high, I think this is a very extreme example but what I think is really important, is the applicant having the right “employability skills” for the job in which they are applying. This is why our first module in our new course “How to be Employable” is all about identifying their “employability skills”. I love the course we have created because it follows a really clear recruitment process, starting off with identifying the individual's skills, then putting this on paper in our CV clinic, understanding the recruitment process, preparing for an interview, what to expect from an interview and what happens after the interview. Our course is designed for those who have work experience but can give deeper insight to those who have never been in employment and really starting at the beginning of their journey.

We want disadvantaged individuals to access employment opportunities; we have worked with those who have had barriers to employment such as a lack of skills, lack of work experience, lack of confidence, etc. We hope to help overcome these barriers with the right positive employability support. We also run 121 tailored CV and interview sessions where individuals can receive a tailored action plan on how to improve their CV and the opportunity to practice competency-based interview questions. 16-24 years have been recently identified as a vulnerable group and there has been a significant increase in universal credit claimants due to unemployment. We hope to support more

young people in their employment journey. Individuals or companies, if you would like our support please email us at

We would love to hear from you.

Feed Me Good Team

Author Kelita Wood HR Director



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