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Planting seeds: Feed Me Good's evaluation with Community Bridges

Feed Me Good is a company focused on the inclusivity of health, wellbeing, sustainability and employability. Founded in 2015, they have been teaching courses and partnering with various organisations to reduce inequalities for black and ethnic communities in the public health sector.

A few months ago, our in house consultant, Sandra Evans paired up with Feed Me Good CEO, Nureen Glaves to create a data collection framework for the company and their Children Education Program (ChEP). As the evaluation comes to a close, we chat with Nureen about her time with Community Bridges.

We met Nureen virtually where most of the magic happens; in her kitchen. She greeted us cheerfully with much to say about her three months collaboration with CB. Emphasising on the overall growth and relief she felt post evaluation.

During this collaboration, Sandra, Nureen and the data collection team held meetings and conversations discussing the theory of change and the social impact of Feed Me Good. They began an introspection into what makes the company tick, by establishing focus groups and questionnaires to collect crucial data from customers and students.

For Nureen it was an opportunity to refresh,

“Because I've been on autopilot for the last seven years, I never took the time to recognise all the successes that I've had. Since Sandra got on the programme with me, I’ve just had that sound board, I had that support.”

Community Bridges encouraged Feed Me Good to reflect on the wins they’ve had in improving community health. Which brought a reassuring confidence to Nureen: “ So when I go to other clients, like Lambeth Council, for example, public health, I'm like, you know what, I can do this.”

Using the structure of the Theory of change (, the evaluation offered time to analyse the necessary steps to achieve Nureen’s goals."It makes us stronger for the future. It's important as a leader to look at the areas that you may not be so confident in, or there may be changes that you need to do, but I think it's important to adapt and create.”

The Evaluation allowed for an emotional growth as well as a strategic growth in the heart of Feed Me Good. With the help of data analytics masters students : Valentina Isbaoiu and Shuyue Wang, Nureen and her team “we're able to present even more polish reports, academic papers, and actually add to the public health industry when it comes to diversity and inclusion.”

For Feed Me Good in particular, the support to measure social impact meant more opportunities for “ […] (customers and students) [to be] included in the materials that are developed for them and everyone else. […]” Nureen specifies how that brings on growth, “it has more dialogue, and then more conversation. And then that goes into actions. And then actions go into habits.” Overall Nureen speaks of the evaluation as an encouraging confirmation of the bright future ahead. “I’ve been Planting beautiful seeds and harvesting them”. Nureen “Through this labor progress of growth,” has found more people with unique skillsets to help in the expansion of her company. Quickly reaching for her company’s next step to becoming a Global enterprise.

Feed Me Good is expanding fast. Amongst many projects like the bento boxes, Chef Nunu and the inclusive Eat Well Plate, Nureen and the team continue to strive for inclusivity in Health and wellbeing. Community Bridges was honoured to participate in Feed Me Good journey of self evaluation and looks forward to future collaborations.

Please contact us if you or your organisation are interested in participating in an evaluation. We at Community Bridges would be delighted to help your company reach the next level of productivity.

Thank you for reading and catch us again soon for more updates on Feed Me Good and Nureen’s journey!

To get involved with Feed Me Good visit .

And follow @feedmegood on instagram.

Words by Mona Neilson and Illustrations by George Harvey


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