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Pay What You Can Clinical Reflexology

In Peckham!

We had the pleasure to meet Natalie Favre from Lotus and Stone Therapy, who runs a Saturday Clinic at The Art and Therapy Sanctuary situated in Peckham.

In this article, find out more about Reflexology, and how Natalie works for her community.

What is Clinical Reflexology?

“Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face, and/or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexologists believe that working these points or areas aids relaxation and helps improve well-being.” (pamphlet handed at the end of the session) visual representation of reflexology

Reflexology doesn’t just focus on bettering the physical health of a patient. It is a practice that offers a moment to focus and re-energize. An instant to pay attention to your stress levels and how to reduce them.

Stress and physical health are two of the same. Poor physical health can induce stress, just like stress can bring poor physical health. Taking moments to focus on yourself with the aid of an expert can be essential to your well-being journey.

Reflexology is for Everyone!

Reflexology caters to anyone seeking additional care for their mental and physical health. Whether you have preexisting medical conditions or not. Reflexology offers soothing and nonintrusive additional care. It can help with relaxation, improved sleep, reduced tension, and overall wellbeing. Reflexology offers you a moment to breathe and relax that goes beyond a classic massage. It is an hour for you to focus on improving your well-being.

With Natalie, I got to relax.

The session started with a phone call in which we discussed my physical and mental health history (usually face to face but adapted with covid restrictions).

Natalie’s approach to this discussion was discretionary and respectful. I instantly felt at ease and eager to share my well-being story.

The phone call was so Natalie could prepare for the session with an understanding of my sensibilities as a patient.

This made me feel heard and catered to, establishing the tone for the session. This was to be a specialized treatment set to benefit me to its fullest extent.

The session itself was illuminating.

I had never had a Reflexology session before.

When I met Natalie I was gleefully greeted and brought into the Art and Therapy Sanctuary's space that celebrated coziness and calm.

With my shoes off, I sat on the chair opposite Natalie and had a short chat about how I felt and my preemptive feeling about the session.

Once we had started, I was in a state of total relaxation. What I remembered the most; was that I had the time to focus on myself. I was alone with my thoughts and encouraged to rest while being deeply taken care of.

I could feel my entire body slowly relax by compartments. From my back to my knees, to my lungs exhaling a releasing sigh. For an hour, my brain vibrated with calm and peace. When I opened my eyes again at the end of the session, not only was my body light as a feather but my mood had lightened so drastically. Coincidentally, I had been having a high hormone/anxiety day. But after the session, I felt like a new person.

Natalie offered me a precise breakdown of which parts she had worked through in our session, giving me tips on how to better care for certain parts of my body, or what to watch out for in the future. As I left and thanked her, she handed me pamphlets with more information about physical health and reflexology. As well as how to reduce stress.

Who is Natalie?

Natalie is a kind-hearted open soul that is a delight to meet. The space she has curated for her clients is welcoming and soothing. When talking to her you can see that passion she has for helping people find comfort and ease in their lives. Going beyond a passion, when speaking with Natalie you feel her sense of duty in healing vulnerable people. Natalie is trained to Level 5 of Reflexology and has helped a variety of clients from people living with long-term health conditions to tired parents seeking a moment of peace.

Why is her practice special?

Natalie isn’t just looking to open a shop. She is here to heal and improve the general well-being of her community. Notoriously, Clinical Reflexology and other holistic health treatments tend to have higher price tags. But Natalie does not believe these treatments should be exclusive to those that have the time or the money to afford them.

This is why she has time set aside for ‘pay what you can’ patients. A rather radical way of viewing holistic health care. Natalie currently can only do this for a reserved amount of times. Living in London and starting a grassroots operation, specifically one curated for the community tends to have tensions with personal sustainability.

How would our community look if everyone had free access to holistic health practices that promote self-care, healthy being, and balanced living?

Interested in starting a reflexology treatment?

Contact Natalie for more details at and visit her website.

Follow Lotus and Stone Therapy on Instagram for regular updates!

Words and Illustration by Community Bridges.



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