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'Mo' about 'Movember'

You’ve probably all got at least one friend starting to look a whole lot like the Lorax this month of November. With hairy lips varying from Michael Cera to Will Ferrel, there’s a decent amount of content for some quality mustache jokes. It’s all good fun, but aside from the comedy, it’s an incredibly clever way to get people talking about Men’s health.

Movember was started by a few bros in Australia named Travis Garone and Luke Slattery in 2003. In a joking effort to bring back mustache fashion, these two friends found an opportunity to support a crucial cause. Inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness movements, they found a visually striking and engaging way to ignite conversation about the Men’s Health Crisis.

Men die on average five years younger than women. Shocking statistics such as a growing number of 10.8 million men globally face a prostate cancer diagnosis. And testicular cancer is the most common amongst young men. In the mental health department, like a large majority of our population, Men suffer from the ever-growing toxic pressures of our patriarchal society. To the point that 69% percent of suicides are Men. A haunting statistic that leaves us thinking something needs to be done.

There is a noticeable inequality or lack of care for Men’s wellbeing. One that needs to be spoken about more. And that is exactly what Movember is doing.

What started as paying a mate to grow a silly mustache, turned into a global fundraising organization with over 21 campaigns across the world and raising over AUD 730 million to support 1000s of men’s health projects. Movember is an international sensation and there is such an exciting variety of ways you can get involved.

For men and women, from growing mustaches to running miles, organising talks, or coming up with a new creative way to speak about the Men’s health crisis.

Movember is the leading organisation supporting Men’s wellbeing with the aim to reduce the number of men prematurely dying by 25% before 2030.

The Movember team has done an amazing job at facilitating contribution and understanding by making their website and app as interactive and transparent as possible. Among charity fundraisers, this is one of the most direct and effective ones I have ever seen. Not only visually enjoyable to visit, but it’s also incredibly fluid, entertaining, and educational. I highly recommend you visit their website today.

Just this year, more than 394,000 Mo’s have registered across the world with AUD 135$ million raised and more than 2 million donations, we’re only about halfway through November 2021. Grow a mustache today? Or sponsor a stache in the making, the chance to participate in Movember is not gone. So please, contribute, donate, listen and grow for the sake of Men’s Health this November.

Though Movember involves the month, the movement pushes through the whole year. The conversation never stops and neither do the contributions. There is so much to learn and to be said and done to improve Men’s health globally.

Your help can go a long way. So join the 6 million mobros and mosisters that are dedicated to crushing the Men’s Health Crisis.

Written and Illustrated by Mona Neilson



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