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Lush Lyfe Football Club

Lush Lyfe Football Club is a South London footie squad for all women, gender-queer and non-binary people who want to play the beautiful game and live their best lyfe. This inclusive football club exists to provide opportunities for people to play football, learn new football skills in a relaxed and fun environment. They actively support their players to improve their fitness, confidence and leadership skills which is improving the wellbeing of their players.


As a young person living independent of your family in London, it’s really easy to get sucked up in the endless cycle of work and how London, for how big it is, can often be a very lonely place. I struggled a lot with my mental health whilst adjusting to life in London and finding Lush Lyfe had an amazing effect on my mental health almost immediately. The team has a real community vibe and it was so wonderful having an excuse to leave the office and hang out with such an amazing group of women. Running around really helped exorcise the stress and release endorphins, but more than anything it was meeting a fun group of like-minded people that really helped me most.


Highlight of your week - Monday’s aren’t that bad because I know Tuesday’s on the way.


It has improved my health in more than one way, mentally and physically. I feel like I can take on so much more in life thanks to LLFC. It’s grown my confidence incrementally which has increased my ability to take on challenges I previously wouldn’t have been able to do! Thank you.

Lush Lyfe Players celebrating their victories and defeats

The team started in the summer of 2017 by two sisters, Aisling and Molly, who put a call out to their friends of all skill levels and abilities to join. The first training session saw 25 people and has now grown to an online community of over 75 members and players.

Lush Lyfe players can expect weekly trainings and matches, participation in tournaments, monthly socials and involvement in the London-wide Super5 League - where they were promoted after their first season!

LLFC meet weekly to practice drills, play matches and to catch-up and hang out both on the pitch and the pub. The atmosphere is always supportive and encouraging. The players coach themselves, which means any player is welcome to lead the whole session or part of it, which builds the confidence and leadership skills of their players as well as their fitness.

The LLFC member promise:

• Cheer each other on

• Never apologise for trying your best

• Not to be too hard on ourselves, if things don’t go to plan then there is always next time

• Not to be too gendered language

Lush Lyfe players practicing the beautiful game


Insta @lushlyfefc

LLFC want to make their team accessible and inclusive, if you want to take part but are concerned about the financial commitment contact Molly or Aisling to discuss confidentially.


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