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Keep your mind sharp and happy with 6 small steps from a young artist

By Moriartstudio

Very often in our lives, we hear the word ‘stress’, and we are so used to it that without noticing it we have made it an integral part of our lives. But do we need it? How do we unlearn letting our minds capture all the negativity and horrors that are happening in the world right now? It seems that there is probably no way. We will never defeat this misfortune, this virus, it is with us forever, this is a new reality.

So what now? Do you agree with it? I don’t.

For a long time, I have been struggling to heal my ill mind from negativity and anger, resentment and envy, and other destructive emotions and feelings. And I can’t tell you that it is very easy and simple, because the human consciousness is a complex mechanism and flipping a toggle switch will not work here. But I definitely want you to believe me that it is possible, possible and necessary to change your attitude to life, to yourself, to the world, and to everything. All that is needed from you is to want, believe in yourself and start taking very small steps.

Small step 1. Drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up.

Small step 2. Don’t look at your phone after waking up. The research shows it affects our circadian rhythm. In fact, keep it in a separate room when you sleep, to avoid the temptation to reach for it.

Small step 3. Have a walk in the park.

Small step 4. Eat your 5 a day.

Small step 5. Meditate. And I know it might not sound like a small step, but it is. Take 5-10 minutes a day for yourself. To just sit with yourself and do nothing. Nothing at all. Relax. Recharge. There are free to use meditation apps that you can install on your phone. No experience is needed, all sessions can be made guided.

Small step 6. Go to bed earlier than usual. Sleep is the most important thing in our lives.

These steps will subsequently lead you to the version of yourself that rejoices in simple things. You will then find yourself treating nature with love, understanding that you can get incredible strength from it and become stronger both in spirit and body.

Hug trees, walk in the forests, or along the coast, listen to the sound of water, listen to the birds, admire the sunsets. Accept with gratitude that it is available to you, nature cares for you every day. You will soon begin to notice that you are becoming calmer and wiser, your thoughts will stop chaotically rushing through your mind, everything will be put in its place. Everything that bothered you will gradually start leaving your life, any difficulties and problems will get sorted on their own. Love yourself, love those who are dear to you.

Sit on the bench, calm down, relax, let go of everything. Take a deep breath and thank yourself for showing an act of care for yourself. Do what makes you happy, really do it! Go where you feel good, reconsider your attitude to what bothered, upset or annoyed you, learn from this lesson and move on.

And there will be many moments like this in your life, they will give you strength, and having strength, you will cope with anything that life will throw at you.

I wish you luck!

Your Moriartstudio


Moriartstudio is a young female artist that started painting very suddenly in 2021. It became her coping mechanism in dealing with anxiety and recurrent panic attacks.

Check out her Instagram here


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