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Improving Black Men's Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme

Black Males (young and old) wanted for a creative arts project that seeks to improve Black men's mental health & wellbeing and access to services.

You will be working on a weekly basis along with a range of creative arts practitioners/facilitators and health professionals to create material and resources that explores HOW Black men can improve their health & wellbeing as well as improve the quality of services provided for them.

The aim of the project is to creatively improve your mental health and wellbeing and identify ways in which we as a group can influence the quality of services that are provided for us in the community.

The project will be on every Monday evening 6.00pm - 9.00pm and during this time we expect you collaborate with other members to create and be involved in:

Short drama sketches

Live community interactive performances

Tik Tok Videos

Comic strip animation


Video Documentary

Peer Facilitation Training

Social Media Blogs

Educational resources for health professionals


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