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Home workouts from Hemal at easyGym

Try each workout min 1x per week Do 3+ rounds of each.

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.


Strength Foundation

30 squats

20 lunges

10 push-ups

max time plank

Core and Conditioning

30 crunches

20 leg raises

10 sit-ups

50 mountain climbers

Full-body Blast

15 burpees

15 jumping jacks or reverse lunges with ajab15 v ups


Strength Foundation

20 jumping squats

20 jumping lunges

20 push ups

1-minute plank

Core and Conditioning

30 sit-up

60 mountain climbers

30 crunches,

20 side plank dips

Full-body Blast

Max burpees in 60 seconds


Strength Foundation

30 push-ups

30 squats

Core and Conditioning

50 sit-ups,

40-second side planks,

30 leg raises,

20 upper


10-second hollow hold

Full-body Blast

50 lunges,

50 pike pushups,

50 superman's,

50-second plank,

50-star jumps


Self-care is the secret ingredient to long-term endurance and resilience for every great

athlete, artists and entrepreneur. When your mood and focus dip, take a breath, go

somewhere quiet and ask yourself what you need. We've grouped some strategies to

help you work out the best activities for you.

Sometimes we get so involved in our thoughts and lives, we don't notice we need to stop till it's too late. Here are some signs that you might need to take a second for yourself:

Your mind is racing You feel "off", 'lazy', unusually tired or less motivated

You really want a snack even if you've just eaten. You are replacing nutritious food with sweets, alcohol or vapes. You are spending lots of time on social media or texting people mindlessly. You are neglecting or not following through on tasks you care about (eg exercise). You are more sensitive than usual.

Ground yourself

  1. Close your eyes

  2. Practice belly breathing

  3. Look at the sky

  4. Feel your feet on the ground

  5. Cook a nutritious meal and

  6. chew, slowly.

  7. Be mindful

Plan for better days

This is temporary. Create a goal. Plan a trip, an event, an activity that you will do when things turn up. Do your research, so you will be ready to book when the time is right!

Move Your Body

Anxiety, stress, feelings. They're energy at their very essence. Moving will help shake things

up. Do a PACK45 class, dance, work with a Personal Trainer, use our home workouts, go for

a walk, schedule a call. You will feel better when it's over.

Share and Connect

Reach out to others with curiosity and gratitude. Share your true feelings with someone you trust. Call an old friend or send an email to thank them for how they've improved your life. Listen to others. Ask questions more than advise. Send a surprise gift to someone. By giving to others, we open ourselves to receiving.


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