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Harris Academy Peckham

Peckham Poets Honour Bob Marley

Harris Academy Peckham poets were invited to perform alongside Benjamin Zephaniah at a ceremony to mark the unveiling of a Blue Plaque at the house in Chelsea Bob Marley shared with his band, the Wailers.

Visiting the house at 42 Oakley Street, students performed their own poems inspired by Marley’s lyrics and beliefs. A spokesperson for English Heritage team said the poets were “fabulous...such confident and inspiring young women”.

Amira, Year 10, pictured with poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

Pizzas Against Climate Change

Three students from Harris Academy Peckham attended a science and technology event at a local pizza restaurant recently, looking at how food can be made from non-traditional ingredients to help combat climate change.

“The dough was made from crickets, but it didn’t taste that bad,” said Zohaib, Year 8. “The cheese was made from the inside of coconuts and tomatoes were grown on small bushes.”

The crickets were crushed and ground to flour, explained Zohaib. “This is because when we run out of flour, and don’t have that much rain or sunlight, we would need to use crickets. Our science teacher also told us that there are people called futurologists, who answer questions about the future.”

Zohaib (centre), eats pizzas made out of crickets. Pictured with Joseph and Luna.

Yeray Wins Place at Music School

Yeray, Year 10 at Harris Academy Peckham, has been offered a place at the Centre for Young Musicians (CYM), the junior department of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

CYM students have gone on to study at conservatoires all over the country before undertaking professional careers in the music industry. Yeray, who plays piano and flute, was offered a place immediately after his audition, with his tuition partly funded by the Guildhall Young Artists Fund.

Students at CYM also feed into the London Schools Symphony Orchestra, based at the Barbican Centre, and the London Youth Wind Band.

Yeray, Year 10, performing at the Harris Federation ITT graduation ceremony at Westminster.


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