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FC Camberwell

By Alli Albion

FC Camberwell is a youth sport club who provide training for children between ages 10 and 14. Set up earlier this year by Brady and Daniel, the club was created to offer children of all abilities the chance to get active, gain confidence and make friends. They focus on simply encouraging and celebrating kids’ effort rather than pressuring and pushing them to achieve perfection. They’re proud to have members from all walks of life and encourage children from all backgrounds to play together.

Daniel and Brady both grew up in Camberwell and think it’s different for children now. The invention of social media, online gaming and lack of space mean kids are less likely to play outside or attend after school clubs. Their football sessions are a safe place for children to learn and grow.

Throughout 2020 they plan to expand the club to include training for additional sports - basketball, volleyball & indoor hockey - in order to expose children to potential new passions.


With alarming recent statistics about childhood obesity and physical inactivity, FC Camberwell is trying to help change things.

“It’s an hour a week of being active at training and 1.5 hours on a Sunday at a match. That’s 2.5 hours a week, which is nothing really, but it is when they’re not doing that. That’s a big step up from what they have been doing.”


Following the PE funding cuts to some schools in the area, FC Camberwell offer partnerships with schools to make sure children don’t miss out on vital exercise.


Women’s football has seen a marked rise in popularity recently and FC Camberwell are making sure to offer opportunity to every child - January sees the start of their girls training sessions. They’re taking on new players now, so please contact them if you would like to book a spot.


Currently they’re running goalkeeper training sessions across all age groups. Goalkeeper is a position usually reserved for the less fit or talented, but the club want to encourage and nurture budding goalkeepers and make sure it’s seen as an exciting, key position.


If you think your children could benefit from taking part, just message FC Camberwell on social media or via the website. There’s limited availability at the moment but they’re working on opening up more places as soon as possible.


Their membership is competitive at £4 a session. They try and keep costs as low as possible for members and offer some discounts.


They’re looking for volunteers to help with outreach / social media / marketing, etc. Just get in touch. They’d love to hear from you.


Twitter & Insta: @fccamberwell


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