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Camberwell's Identity Project

By SE5 Forum

Teachers, pupils and artist in front of the new mural

Pupils from Sacred Heart School art club in Camberwell opened the first mural to be painted as part of Camberwell’s place identity project.

The Camberwell mural by Lionel Stanhope, famous for his vintage typography, is on Camberwell New Road under the railway bridge right next to Sacred Heart School.

The colours were chosen by the pupils from Sacred Heart who said it best reflected how they see Camberwell - Culture, Colour, Cool, Community, saying that these colours give life to the bridge.

Jordan Naylor, Art teacher at Sacred Heart explains “We have been studying Bob and Roberta Smith - promoting the arts with text art. So, this mural is really relevant to the pupils’ work and it is great to be involved in something representing Camberwell’s community.”

Eddie Burton, Customer Service Manager at Network Rail, who are funding the mural, said: “Our experience across South London is that these artworks inspire pride in people’s neighbourhoods and encourage people to respect railway bridges and other structures”.

At the Schools request artist Lionel Stanhope then painted a 6 foot high Camberwell Beauty butterfly on the other side of the bridge.

The murals are part of a new Camberwell identity project by SE5 Forum, Camberwell Society and Camberwell Arts with the community and businesses. The aim is to bring to life Camberwell’s unique, vibrant identity and make everyone feel proud of Camberwell.

The Camberwell identity group, which includes brand experts, artists, teachers, representatives from churches, mosques and estates, has successfully crowdfunded £10000 to install raised lamppost banners along Denmark Hill, to lead visitors down the high street to discover the wonderful cafes, shops, green spaces and galleries of Camberwell. Murals are also planned for Denmark Hill Station and Church Street.

Photgraphs by Ann Marie Briscombe


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