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A Real Sisterhood with Charlotte Owusu-Allen

Born in Essex, moved to Hackney fourteen years ago, a thriving independent businesswoman, Charlotte has a talent for passing the mic. She understands, is a great listener, and is passionate about enabling everyone to shine their light.

I introduced myself to Charlotte after listening to her podcast. I loved the space she had curated and wanted to learn more about her philosophies and goals with her radio show and business.

We met in Hackney for a warm coffee on a cold morning. Immediately we got into talking about what Charlotte has been doing, where she started, where she is now, and where she is going.

The conversation began with praise and admiration for all of her past guest speakers, one no more special than the last.

From a young 26-year-old writing a self-inspired book about mental health: The Journey to Undefeated Minds. To a woman bringing real change to a community in the Gambia, one sack of rice at a time. Author Yolanda Lear and climate activist Jeanna Brody-Mends are two of many passionate people that take the time to come and talk with Charlotte on A Real Sisterhood.

It seemed that Charlotte had little choice in starting her radio show. A calling bordering on an obligation, Charlotte has always known that her purpose was to help and expand minds.

“I had a vision of me talking by myself, and I was like, Oh my god, this is what is going to happen.”

In the past, she had worked in a church where she would “host girls’ groups (and) do one-to-one sessions with women.”

Highlighting her ability to talk and be a great negotiator. Charlotte realized her power and embraced it.

“Once I owned that, and I grew with it, it was something people came to me for.”

A radio show broadcasted every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month on Netil Radio. A Real Sisterhood was started five months ago following a few feature appearances of Charlotte on Reclaiming the Narrative. The host of this show and Charlotte had met over lockdown via open space talks hosted following the murder of George Floyd. These gatherings were an opportunity for people to take the time to understand and articulate the confusing and painful reality of racial injustice. Fast forward to speaking on Reclaiming the Narrative, Charlotte kept getting invited back. Whether it was her soothing voice or her compassionate observations. It was clear that Charlotte was a striking and desirable radio show guest. Soon the head of Netil Radio asked if Charlotte would be interested in creating her own show.

Since then, Charlotte has had eleven shows. Each episode hosts stellar leaders, business owners, community members, and generally fascinating individuals to share topics dear to their hearts and minds.

As she describes it:

"A Real Sisterhood is a platform for open discussion about music, mental health, spiritual health, wellness coaching, current affairs, climate control, and so much more."

Alongside being a radio show host, Charlotte is developing her own natural skincare and hair treatment brand. Started as an experiment to help her daughter’s stress-induced alopecia. Charlotte made natural products as remedies for her friends and family. Now certified with a website and regular products coming out, the narrative of helping and healing goes beyond product mixing. Charlotte has the intention to grow her business for the sake of others. She wants to employ and uplift communities that need it most.

With Charlotte, we spoke of the opportunity for honesty and conversation. How it is a crucial aspect in education and life. We spoke of the future, of how to hone one's intention and purpose for the growth of others.

For Charlotte, A Real Sisterhood is simple:

“ I’m just trying to help people, just trying to share my story." By creating a platform for others to speak about their worries and passions is also opening doors for listeners.
“I think we can get through any type of difficult conversation if people are just willing to listen.”

Though today, Charlotte’s vision of aid and support is manifested via the radio show and collaborations with her guests. For example, she recently sent a package of self-care remedies and products free of charge to the community Jeanna Brody-Mends had been working with. We were speechless as she described how the products brought an opportunity for self-care to the women in this village. Charlotte was honored to find out that this allowed them to “Sit there reflecting about things that matter to them, how can they spend more time looking after themselves.” From this has sprouted an inspiring vision for Charlotte. To create more spaces like this for women and vulnerable people. An inclusive space where everyone becomes equal and can share and inspire each other.

Whether it be in the form of a community center helping deprogram kids from hate and violence. To a spa for women that is accessible and affordable. Conversations are at the heart of Charlotte’s practice.

Consistently growing, Charlotte’s plans for the future are big. Currently, she is looking for fundraisers to join her team. With the dream of hosting a day festival with music, workshops, talks, and food. She needs more hands-on to achieve her plans. If you are interested in collaborating with Charlotte: reach out. If you know of spaces where she can host more conversations: get in contact. If this has inspired a conversation you want to have: talk about it. Connections make a community grow. So let’s plant the seeds and hydrate. A Real Sisterhood is just the beginning.

A special nod should be recognised to the people that support Charlotte in her journey especially Nora her right-hand superstar:

"Thank you for all you do Nora, you will always have a space in my Solar Plexus. Kisses and Hugs, we are so glad to have you here at A Real SisterHood "

Make sure to catch Charlotte’s next show on Netil Radio. And show your support by following her on Instagram.

I'd like to thank Charlotte for taking the time to talk to us and encourage anyone reading to reach out to us to share their story.

Words by Mona Neilson


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