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Walk the borough of

Enjoy a local walk to improve your physical and mental wellbeing or connect with friends.

Use illustrated walking maps (with themes such as film locations, architecture or flora)  to discover interesting routes and facts about the borough of Southwark.

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Architecture and industry walk

Explore the history and changing architectural face of the Docklands – at one time the world’s largest port.

Film locations walk

Travel through the ancient heart of Borough and Southwark, take in the surroundings and try to spot where some classic cinema was filmed.

Myths and legends walk

Explore the hidden treasures and symbols in Nunhead cemetery, the Oak of Honour and the possible site of a beheading.

Art, literature and green spaces walk

See the explosion of art around Bellenden Road, the site of William Blake’s vision on Peckham Rye, a public garden given a famous facelift, and places featured in Muriel Spark’s novella The Ballad of Peckham Rye.

Eccentric Dulwich walk

Explore Dulwich and its unusual architecture and characters including Dulwich College, Dulwich Picture Gallery - the oldest purpose-built art gallery in the world, and Herne Hill Velodrome.

Flora and fauna walk

Discover the plants and animals of Sydenham and Dulwich woods, visit the site of the original Crystal Palace and walk with some dinosaurs!

Regeneration walk

Explore centuries of change in Walworth and Kennington, including Victorian social housing projects, the regeneration of Burgess Park, and artists’ workshops in Iliffe Yard.

Rebels and revolutionaries walk

Find out about your revolutionary neighbours and treasonous former residents.

Country to council estates walk

Explore Dulwich estates in 2 hours walk.

Freedom walk

Explore the dark heart of Camberwell and the struggle for freedom in all its many guises, including the Lunatic Asylum and Brixton murals.

War in Walworth walk

Walk the war-torn streets of Newington; blitzed by bombs, divided by ramparts, but the scene of victories for social support.

Food, fresh air and fun walk

Imagine the long-gone smells and sounds of the “Pantry of Bermondsey”, stroll through the market and spot a genuine Banksy.

Green Chain Walk

London's first picture gallery, a remarkable museum and a park fit for a queen are among the gems to explore on this section of the Green Chain walk.

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