case studies
Case study 1: 
Increasing capacity of Help UK and The Bradfield Youth Centre.



Help UK is a BAME, female-led community interest company started by Koko Oloko, from her own experience of being a carer for her son, Koko works with parents and carers to support and develop their health & wellbeing.


I had already been a volunteer writer for Community Bridges, contributing articles centred around all things community for their magazine; when I was asked to collaborate on another project with them, which involved holding a smoothie workshop straight after an intense workout held at the Bradfield Centre in Peckham for local mothers such as myself. This was such a great thing to be a part of; a community of mothers coming together to converse, share and support one and other over a smoothie that we were all a part of making. These are moments you certainly treasure and can recreate over and over again, whilst in the comfort of your home. 

- Koko Oloko

Bradfield Youth Centre

A youth centre supporting a large BAME community of parents and children vulnerable to social exclusion.


We supported Help UK to deliver smoothie workshops after the Bradfield Youth Centre free fitness sessions for mums.


  • They took the recipes home and started making their own smoothies.

  • They learn about different fruit and veg and methods for smoothie making. Leading onto other conversations around nutrition and fitness.

  • They got to know each other and have a good laugh after a tough work out session.

Case study 2: 
creating partnerships



Feed me Good is a female-led BAME CIC started by Nureen Glaves, from her experience of nutrition. She is dedicated to developing easy nutritional information and tips that speaks to BAME diets and cultures.


easyGym Camberwell

Read our Feed me Good blog article


We invited Nureen and her guest onto our podcast to discuss the impact, challenges and nutritional tips. From this exposure Hemal, CEO of easyGym Camberwell, got in touch for a body transformation partnership for Nureen and her staff.


  • Increase partnership working, between public and private organsiations.

  • Gave Nureen and her colleagues a boost to their health & wellbeing so they could better support their clients.

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