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We are transforming the health & social care sector by empowering people to use their community for support.

Community Bridges has enlightened me as to all the wonderful things and people going on in my local area and encouraged me to seek out and research community groups/events. All of this has made me feel much more connected to my community, which has positively impacted upon my wellbeing.

I recently interviewed a visual artist whom I’ve followed on Instagram for a while. I’ve always wanted to talk to him and volunteering at CB gave me a valid reason. When he and I met, it was a few days after the election results and I had become a bit overwhelmed with hopelessness due to the result. Speaking to him about it and about art/community/connection made me feel connected, inspired, and hopeful again.

Improved by feeling more positive, connected, valued, understood, cared for. CB gives me more meaning and improved sense of purpose and belonging.

CB has been very important in assisting 'recovery' from the episode of severe depression.

We help those who feel disconnected from their community and lonely, often in relation to long-term physical and mental health challenges.

Over 15 million people - 30% of the UK population - live with one or more long-term conditions, and more than 4 million of these people will also have a mental health problem.

People with cancer, diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure are at greater risk of a range of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. We work with individuals and communities in order to help people experiencing health & wellbeing challenges to hear stories of strength and recovery and find local resources that can help them build their health to where they want it to be.

You told us…

Our uplifting content helps you practice mindfulness and gives you confidence and motivation to get involved with your community.

The more content you read the more you recognised an improvement in your wellbeing.

The more events you heard about through us the more, the more you attended.

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